Cleaning and maintenance
Company "ZeromaX" ltd. also offers cleaning and maintenance services. We do:

- ongoing maintenance of facilities (commercial and residential buildings),

- general cleaning,

- cleaning after construction works,

- cleaning of outer spaces (sidewalks, plateus, parking areas, roads, green areas),

- snow removal.

For our work we use the most advanced machines and working tools and our cleaning staff is well trained in order to deal with the most demanding working tasks. We achieve great results thanks to our organization of work, accurately given working tasks, control system and trained experienced staff. All our cleaners wear unique uniforms. Our priority is to maintaine and constantly improve established management system. ZeromaX clean guarantees its clients top quality services. We have been cooperating with many renowned companies in Serbia for many years and built image of reliable, expeditious and correct business partners.

Our references:

1. Delta City - 33.000m2 of internal area and 8.500m2 outward area

2. Belville- all internal and outward area

3. Business building PO1 - 6.917,73m2

4. Business building PO2- 18.590,76m2

5. Aviv Park in Pancevo

6. And many satisfied customers

For all furher information about cleaning and maintenance click here.

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