Rental of construction equipment
Rental of construction scaffolding

1. Construction scaffolding:

  • tubular
  • frame
  • quickassembly
  • mobile

Quickassembly, frame scaffolding are characterized by their quick assembly and disassembly, elements are of light weight and high capacity. All scaffolding are new and tested. Quick assembly, disassembly and transport.

2. Mobile scaffolding:

Provide stability and safety in the work at high altitude. They also offer great freedom of movements and they are very suitable for indoor works. They are used when the working deadline is short, and they are most widely used in space decorating, painting works ceiling mounting, etc... Quick assembly, disassembly and transport.

Rental of other construction equipment

1. Bracing pieces:

  • Up to 3m
  • From 3m to 4m
  • From 4m to 5m

Bracing pieces are used for supporting concrete constructions. It is easy to assembly and disassembly them.

2. Machines for breaking concrete

3. Mixers (from 150 to 350l)

4. Jacks of all kinds

5. Accomodation containers

6. Skims for Formwork

7. Pervibrators

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